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Communication, or lack thereof, costs companies millions upon millions of dollars per year. That is an undeniable fact. Communication between yourself, your employees and your customers is not only an indicator of success, but a key marker in your potential failure. One would think, in today’s world, that communication would be more simplistic. Unfortunately, it’s not….Until now.

Let’s say you have a lot of problems in your company. Issues that are hurting your bottom line and you have no clue.Do you have any idea what happened in your place of business the past 24 hours? Aside from looking at numbers and maybe some customer feedback. Do you really have any idea? Something as simplistic as a dirty bathroom to a salesperson being obnoxiously rude to a potential customer.

I recently watched a video where the person on stage was speaking to a roomful of company executives, and he said this, “I bet none of you have any idea what happens when a person calls your company.” He asked the people in attendance to yell out what their division sells. One guy yelled “water heaters!” The speaker called the main number and asked “can you give me a general price on a water heater?” The person replied, “I would need more information on what your requirements are as we sell so many types.” The speaker then said, “so, you can’t give me a general price?” and the person replied, “No sir, I cannot. I’m sorry” and she hung up. There was a collective gasp in the room. The speaker said “why didn’t she just say ‘we would need some more information from you, let me transfer you to Jeff our sales rep in your area’” instead of just hanging up! Instead of asking questions, she lost the sale.

With ResolvedX we will tell you, show you, even predict your future for you. All in real-time. Take a moment and think what something this powerful could do for your bottom line. After all, you are in business to make money. Right?